A10 webinar 2022 (600 × 849 px)

Business Intelligence Analysis Suite

A10 Webinar 2022 brings you to next level Amazon Selling. 

With flooded Amazon SaaS softwares out there? Architect in house customizable data visualizations without any IT knowledge required. See insights what simple excel calculations don’t give you. Fully DIY! You won’t find SOPs from anywhere else.

I hope this webinar can find you valuable and upgrade yourself for your business. Create your own analysis visualizations and methods.

SOPs & Actions

What Are We Going to Do About the Data Visualizations?

Amazon Consumer Segmentation

Organic Ranking Data Visualizations

Advertising Performance Visualizations

Inventory Data Visualization

Store/ASIN Data Visualization

Marketing Segmentation

Marketing Automation

Leverage Demographic Profiles

Keyword Optimization to next level

Advertising Optimization to next level

EDM Segmentation Marketing 

Amazon Seller Data Visualization

GoFinger Amazon Case Study

Case Study

Our Amazon Selling Team is accumulating and leveraging AI techniques for helping us managing Amazon Business.

I would love to share with you our step by step operations on launching new products with AI technology and Amazon heatmap simulation technologies.


AI Softwares

Demographic Export Portal

and More.

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Over 100 attendees from over 19 countries on a single A10 Webinar in 2021

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